Bio (english)

I explore the world since I was born! Then, I became a sociologist interested in Social Innovation and Community development.

I share my discoveries and readings about Community development, Citizen empowerment, Placemaking, Virtual collaboration et Sharing Economy on Espaces communs (in French).

I am a passionate Gardener who likes plants sciences, Horticulture and Landscape architecture.

I like storytelling and I write every day! To stay in touch with those who share the pleasure of writing, I founded "L'Entonnoir" a community of people who share their writings online.

In 1999, I founded an international journal of social sciences named Esprit critique, aiming to provide scientific content of quality absolutely free throughout the French-speaking world. An international community of social scientists grew, and I managed the journal’s team in the virtual spaces for six years.

I always have my head full of projects and I would be pleased to ear what you think about the World you live in!

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